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      Michael Smith


      Decided to build a new Ryzen system a couple of months back, specs:
      Ryzen 5 1600
      Cryorig H7
      MSI X370 Krait
      16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX
      Crucial 120GB SSD
      2TB Toshiba HD
      XFX RX 480 (recycled from previous build)
      Seasonic G Series 550W
      Had some stability issues initially that seemed to be memory related. Given the buzz around memory compatability issues with Ryzen I chalked it up to immature BIOS and decided to wait for a couple of updates before doing anymore work on it.
      A couple of BIOS updates later and an RMA on my memory kit and it’s rock solid once it’s up and running (completed some thorough stress testing with OCCT and Prime 95), but it has issues on start up. From a cold boot it will sometimes as many of 5 attempts to complete POST and load the OS. I reckon I’m looking at an RMA on the motherboard (possibly picking up a cheap B350 in the meantime) but I thought it was worth posting here in case I was missing something obvious.

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