Terms and Conditions for Entry to the Capel Military Show

The Capel Military Vehicle Show (CMVS) is a very friendly and relaxed family orientated event. However as a condition of entry please follow the below set of rules and requests set to down so everyone can enjoy the show in a friendly atmosphere.

Please take a minute to read the following we have based this on the fact that nobody ever reads it so we can say Didn’t you read it …. so if you do then please abide by the guidelines and enjoy the show.

We have listened to the guys who matter …you the military enthusiasts so thank you for bringing along your vehicles , toys and enthusiasm for a military show, enjoy but be safe,,,,Our goal is safety and fun.

Most of all we the CVMS Team would like you all to join us Friday evening to open the show. We are all volunteers working towards a show that is not only friendly and safe but something to be proud of, and most of all thank you, John Dale….the LandLord and proud owner of Cow number 197.

…..Now the do’s and don’ts bit any problems speak to Cow No. 197 who will be providing Raw milk for sale, so come along and try some …. it’s worth the trip in itself

Drones – Strictly NO Drones are to be deployed at this event – CMVS must adhere to strict health and safety rules and any persons operating DRONES  will be asked to leave the show.

The CMVS has a strict policy on the sale of knives. All traders attending the Capel Military Vehicles Show must comply with Section 141A, Violent Crime Reduction Act, 2006 VCR which prohibits the sale of knives to any person under the age of 18 years. 

photographers –  Capel has a designated photographer for the Arena and show, you are free to use your personal cameras but in public areas only.

The public are not permitted to enter the arena unless invited

We must adhere to strict health and safety rules and any unauthorised persons in the arena will be asked to leave the show.

All Military Vehicle Entrants

Please ensure your vehicle pass with your entry number is appropriately attached to your vehicle on arrival. This is also necessary for your vehicle to be judged.

Person Passes for Exhibitors

Wristbands will be issued on arrival to each individual. Please ensure these are worn by yourself and your guest at all times.

Arrival for Exhibitors and Traders

You may start arriving as of Thursday 5th July 2018

Public Camping/Accommodation

There is public camping on-site for non-exhibitors, you may also start arriving as of Thursday 5th July 2018.


We have showers on-site for campers please respect your fellow exhibitors and restrict your time spent showering to a minimum (due to health and safety requirements no more than three in a cubicle at a time). This is a rural area and the water supply is limited and a lot of people to get showered in a short time.


Raw Milk will be on sale straight from John’s farm


The nearest fuel station is in Capel Village a short distance from the show they also sell Beer and Beer and maybe  Larger but you need to ask because he’s a bit embarrassed about selling it and it may not be on display.

N0 fuel transfers are permitted at the CVMS,,, that’s because having been too embarrassed to buy puffy Larger you bought 1 beer and couldn’t handle it then you cocked up the fuel and spilt it on something hot and burned yourself to death spoiling the grass.


CVMS team have marked pitches measuring the standard show size 6M X 6M.

The pitches are excellent value at just £50 for the weekend based on a 6M X 6M plot. If you require 2 it comes out at £100 for the weekend …wow maths is brill ….regrettably if anyone only wants to attend one day we still charge them the same simply because we can.

This size pitch allows for you to park an average size transit smart car or similar in the pitch and if you want more space they can book a double pitch….more maths stuff

Cheap as chips if you ask me so spank it now or perhaps you would prefer a pitch at War & Pis*take.


Toilets will be on site from Friday. We have a contract cleaner on site Saturday and Sunday morning who will turn them upside down shake them around and leave so don’t get caught inside one.


Dogs are allowed on site, we love dogs and I get a new one every Christmas so if you want to buy an old one then let me know.

However, if you have your own please ensure they are kept on a lead and clean up after them. Please be a responsible pet owner. Any animal abuse will not be tolerated and this includes leaving dogs suffering in locked in vehicles. ooh and that reminds me we have a Curried Goat stall this year,,,i think he said it was Goat.

Noise Restrictions

This event has been issued with a Premises Licence, however, the Licence has strict conditions attached relating to Noise. This means that all exhibitors and participants to the show must comply with the following noise restrictions during the CVMS

No gunfire, explosions, incendiaries snoring etc. at any time during the event.

No noise-emitting military equipment, e.g. air raid sirens, blank firing weapons, pyrotechnics, Nuclear Israeli strikes etc. during the evening/night.

No loud noise or music AFTER 0100HRS.

Please play your part in helping us to protect the future of this event by being considerate neighbours / local residents who love their homes like you do and worry about things like this.

This is John and Paula’s Family Home and they have neighbours

5 M.P.H. Speed Limit

Is applied within the showground. No unauthorised moving of vehicles during events. Drivers are to obey instructions from Officials and their Assistants.

Remember The Capel Military Show is a Public Place and

ALL UK Road Traffic Laws apply….if you can’t do it on the road you can’t at Capel this includes children on motorbikes ….because they haven’t got a licence or insurance

Tracked Vehicle Movement

All movement through the site must be with at least two CMVS marshals’ or MVT trained marshal The 5 M.P.H. speed limits apply.

All passengers to be seated in appropriate seats, not on vehicle turrets. Under Section 1, 2 and 3 as amended by the Road Traffic Act of 1991 you could be prosecuted for driving recklessly at this type of event if it was considered you have endangered the lives of other exhibitors or members of the public.

Vehicle Movement

Vehicle movements are to be kept to a minimum.

No vehicle movement is allowed in the trade stand area on show days between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm. There is also NO vehicle movement in the pedestrian area at any time unless part of an organised display pre-agreed with the Organiser. Only persons licensed to drive may operate vehicles. Children may not ride motorcycles, quads, etc. during the show days.

Your Toys are great but they squash kids if you are not careful.


These must remain secure at all times and must comply with current UK legislation.

NO BLANK ROUNDS or PYROTECHNICS may be brought on site unless pre-arranged with the organiser. In the light of public opinion, the organisers must insist that ALL WEAPONS brought onto the site for display or sale must comply with UK legislation.

Arena Events

We hope that you will take part in some of the many varied events throughout the show.

Please speak to show staff if you have any special requests , information on vehicle showtimes will be posted in the arena area prior to the start of the show, remember the show is about you and your pride and joy so please share in our arena.

Car Parking

There are dedicated Support Vehicle parking areas on site. You are required to park any vehicle not part of your display or not on your trade stand in the appropriate parking area once you have unpacked and set up.

The only exception will be disabled persons vehicles displaying a current blue badge.

Displaying Your Military Vehicle

It is requested that if you are displaying your vehicle that while sleeping in a tent or caravan that you leave all your domestic appliances to the rear leaving your Military Vehicle clearly parked out in front, this will only enhance the overall quality of our show and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please respect your fellow exhibitors who have requested NO CIVILIAN TENTS/CARS/VANS or CIVILIAN TENTS/CARS/VANS with camo nets in the Military zone / Living History area.

we are on watch to identify any pink Halfords tents so try it at your own risk,,,if you sneak it in and win trust me it will be a short victory, probably followed by a visit from John the farmers Heifer number 197 who’s also trained to dump on generators …see below.

Some examples of cunningly disguised vehicles that fooled most into thinking they were actually WWII vehicles,,, but  they didn’t get past Hawkeye Jason


Picture of CMVS team removing an offender from the  Military zone / Living History area

Vehicle and Camping Security

This show is open to the general public and they will, therefore, will be able to view your vehicle.

Please do not tape/rope off your vehicle please allow people to admire your toys but keep them locked and secure

The organisers can accept no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, your vehicle or its contents. In these circumstances, we strongly recommend that you avoid leaving your vehicle completely unattended during the show. Should you wish to do so, we suggest that at the very least you arrange for someone with an adjacent vehicle to watch your’s and upon return check your vehicle, not only for any loss or damage but also for any suspicious package that may have been placed in, on or near your vehicle.

Litter  / PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME remember this is John Dale’s home 

It would be very much appreciated if you would place your litter in the plastic bag which will be provided and take it home with you. Litter removal is a cost to our Charity run event and you can greatly help by please taking your rubbish home

BBQ – in light of recent dry weather strictly NO charcoal BBQ’s 

GAS BBQ’s only when adequate fire-fighting equipment is available. It is suggested that all vehicles carry a current working fire extinguisher.

It is the vehicle owners responsibility that on arrival and setup they identify the fire points which are clearly marked around the CVMShow ground.

Fire Extinguishers

Due to the new Health and Safety Guidelines, we must insist that all traders have a suitable working fire extinguisher on their pitch. Booking in will check this on arrival. Stalls will also be checked for fire extinguishers during the show.

We have fire points please take a minute to find them it could save a life.

Fire Safety

Please make your show as safe as possible, follow common sense, and fire safety rules of the show.

Advice costs nothing, so please come and see us if you have any doubts over safety, the CMVS  team are happy to offer advice on any matter relating to Fire Prevention.

Medical Safety

Please note we have an on-site medical team located near the public entrance area. Please make yourself familiar with this location on arrival. The medics are top guys and girls and a real asset to the show. Please think sensibly; if it’s going to be hot and if you are not well please consider if you should really be going to the show or not.

CMVS team members have a communication link to the medical team should there be a medical emergency, please ask for assistance from any team member or make your way to the show entrance.


Noisy and smokey generators are a nuisance to fellow exhibitors, campers and a threat to the environment, so knock it on the head and take a break from your electrical gadgets and enjoy the show leave your nasty generator at home.

Should you have complaints about any nuisance generators the CVMS team can assist with a bucket of water to suppress the noise.

The CVMS team need generators to run the show so leave the generator noise stuff to us. However, if you are required to have a generator for medical reasons i.e. your brain cannot function without your mobile phone then perhaps the CVMS is not for you.

But please speak to staff ,,,,however be warned we had an incident last year when John the farmers prize heifer number 197 broke ranks from the herd having been driven to murder by the dulcet drones of a xbox charging thing and promptly took a dump on said camping accessory….there are  no winners in the generator wars so live a bit and enjoy the show 🙂


Q: Can the public camp overnight?

A: We have areas for civilian camping available with toilets/ showers and freshwater points

Q: Can I bring my own food and drink?

A: Yes there are areas where you can settle down and have a picnic – just mind the tanks!

We keep our entry prices low so why not treat yourself at our food stalls?

Q: How big is the show area?

A: The showground covers about 16 acres over 2 fields, with another three acres for civilian camping, so there is more than enough room for everyone.

AMMUNITION within the showground

All ammunition kept as samples souvenirs, patterns or in museums must be examined by competent personnel to ensure that all components of the ammunition are free from explosives of all types.

No entry to the arena area will be permitted to search/look for ammunition spent or live.

Many otherwise stable explosive mixtures can become sensitive with age or if they make contact with incompatible materials due to deterioration of their immediate containers.

Remember if it looks like it goes BANG then trust me it will hurt.